This distribution has been discontinued

In light of recent events concerning corporate-run Linux distributions, the Ubuntu Flatpak Remix is shutting down. While the Ubuntu base that this distro is built on is relatively stable at the moment, Canonical's obsession with controversial and divisive decisions means that any distribution based on it automatically has an uncertain future.

I certainly apologize for shutting down this distribution so close to the time it began, I planned on keeping it going for as long as people desire to download it. It was important to me that an alternative version of Ubuntu be provided without the snap technology that the Linux community has largely decided it doesn't want. However, developing something like this on an uncertain base that can be flipped upside down due to corporate decisions is not something I can be involved in, and recent events serve only to reinforce this.

If anyone wants to keep this going, contact me through any of my social media accounts and let me know - I can sign over the domain to whoever want to take over the project. Until then, thanks everyone for your support.

- Jay